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† - An Interstate '76 / Nitro Pack gang
‡ - An Interstate '82 gang



Freak Dogs, The - FD   *OPEN*
"South Houston" - SH
UltraFunk - UF   *OPEN*


Above the Law - [ATL]
American Autovigilante Association, The - AAA
Ace's Trump Cards - ATC
Ass Kickers, The - TAK
August Knights - AK
Austrailian Vigilantes, The - AV
Auto Assassins, The - AA
Auto Vigilante Guild - AVG
Be Very Afraid - BVA
Bell Bottom Blasters - BBB
Bong Hitters' Alliance - [BHA]
Brazilian Vigilante's Association - BVA
Charlie's Angels - CA   *OPEN*
Childern of Darkness - CoD
Clan Rod - CR
Creeper's Demise - CD
Creeper Force - CF
Confederate Phats - [cp]
Dark Angels - DA
Damage Inc. - DI
Dead End Gang - [DEG]
Deli Kings - DK   *OPEN*
Delta Force - DF
Democracy of Motor Vigilantes - DMV
Disco Bandits - DB
Disco Vigilantes - DV
Dodge Scat Pack - DSP   *OPEN via Web Archive*
Domination, Destruction and Death - D3
Edge Racing - ER
Empire - EMP
Euro Corps - EC
Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI
Firm, The - TF
Funk Men, The - FM
Frappé - F
General Mayhem - GM
Ghost Riders in the Sky - GRitS
Grand Funk Highway - GFH   *OPEN*
Groove's Disciples - GD
Grumpy Old Men - GoM
GUNfighters, The - GUN
Hitmen, The - HM   *OPEN*
Hack's / Hexer's - HH
Hell's Best Drivers - HBD
Hell's Finest - HF
Hell's Special Vehicles - HSV
Highway 101 - 101
Hollow Points, The - HP
Honor Guard, The - HG
Hotrod Gang - [HG]
Humiliators, The - H
Hunters, The - H
IKIL Manta Solutions - ikil
Insane Vigilante Posse - IVP
Interstate Brotherhood
Interstate Gangsters, The - TIG
Kamikaze - K
Killer Wheels - KW
Los Bastardos - LB
Magnificent Bastards, The - Bastard
Medical Examiners, The - ME
McGee Racing Team - MRT
Midnight Maniacs - MM
Millenium Riders, The - TMR
Monkey Circus Freak - MCF   *OPEN*
Nevada Vigilantes - NV   *OPEN*
Nitro Addicts, The - N/A
Nitro Lounge Cats - NLC
No Limit Soldiers - NLS   *OPEN*
Octane Outlaws Association - OOA   *OPEN*
Outlaws, The - TO
Pig F***ers - PF
Professionals, The - Pro
Retro - R
Route 66'ers - R66   *OPEN*
Unknown Reference - ST
Satanic Army, The - TSA
Strangers to Pain - STP   *OPEN*
Sheriff's Squad
Talons - T
Taurus Driving Militia - TDM   *OPEN*
Team Intercept - INT
Team Pyro - TPO
Texas Border Patrol - TBP
U.K. Alliance - UKA
Vigilante Brotherhood - VB
Vigilantes Down Under - VDU
Vigilantes From Hell - VFH
Vigilante Masters Association - VMA   *OPEN*
Vigilante Stalkers - VS
Vigilante: Special Forces - VSF
Voodoo Monkeys - [VM]
Wicked Clowns - WC
Wolfteam - WT


Ace's Trump Cards Messageboard
Bell Bottom Blasters Messageboard
Disco Vigilantes Messageboard
GUNfighters Messageboard, The
Hell's Special Vehicles Messageboard
i82.co.uk Messageboard
Interstate Gangsters Messageboard, The
Insane Vigilante Posse Messageboard
Interstate '76 Messageboards    *OPEN*
Millenium Riders Messageboard, The
Nevada Vigilantes Messageboard
Retro Messageboard
Taurus Driving Milita Messageboard
Vigilante Brotherhood Messageboard
Vigilante Masters Association Messageboard
Vintage Interstate Forum    *OPEN*
Vigilante Special Forces Messageboard

Resource Sites

I'82 Maps, Skins, Custom Objects...

Auto Vigilante's Association    *OPEN*
Community, Maps, Articles...


Diver's Lab
Maps, Tutorials...   *OPEN*

GrizZz's Interstate Server Scopes   *OPEN*
Lookin' for a game? Here's your one stop shop!

Gulldogg's Map Shack
A great collection of Interstate maps!

King's Custom Rods   *OPEN*
Bitchin' new twists for your old rides...

Community, Maps, Skins, Articles, Forums...

The Interstate 82 Skin Page   *OPEN*
Mad skins for your pimpin' ride!

Lightfoot's Stolen Maps   *OPEN*
The Interstates Largest Map Site

Nostalgic   *OPEN*
Like the name says

Suicyco's Speed Shop   *OPEN*
Theory, Discussions, Tutorials...

The Voodoo Lounge
Voodoo Child's Interstate Lounge

Original Activision Game Sites (Archive)

Interstate '76

Interstate '76 Aresenal Pack

Interstate '82