I76 Original Music Soundtrack

1.Interstate 76 Theme
2.In the Junkyard
3.Revenge Rocco Style
4.Think About It
5.Pimp Like Me
6.The Cake
7.Vigilante Shuffle
8.Code Six Pack
9.Mission Code: B.F.A.M.
10.Speed Is Your Salvation
11.They Call Me Swinger
12.Bring 'Em Back Alive
13.Skeeter Gettin' Medieval
14.Desert Sky Groove
16.Jackin' For Good
18.Helicopter Fuzz
19.The T'aint
21.Spineless Funk
22.Little Daffodil Gas Parade
23.Jade'll Get You Thru
24.Tulip Waltz
25.Ass Retreat
26.Payback Recon
27.Fort Davis
28.Never Get Outta the Car
29.Malochio Down
30.Reggae Fusion
31.Macadamia Medley
32.Unknown, Mega Mix