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Division 5 Designs
The smallest of the AVA divisions, D5 consists of stripped-down go karts with barely any firepower. The .45 is your best friend.

Division 7.5 Designs
Popular among small car enthusiasts, D7.5 sees fast and furious small car battles. Bring a mortar if you can!

Division 10 Designs
Mid-sized car division that sees much HE mortar lobbing and droppers galore.

Division 12.5 Designs
A new sub-divison for 2017!

Division 15 Designs
The most popular AVA division. D15 offers enough heavy hitting to satisfy, and enough finess to challenge.

Division 17.5 Designs
A new sub-divison for 2017!

Division 20 Designs
The big boys. Multi-mortars and big armor is what D20 is all about. Fights are fast and devistating... beware the cheese!

Division 22.5 Designs
A new sub-divison for 2017!

Division 25 + Designs
Usually the least popular of divisions, D25-unlim offer much flexability in outfitting cars, but are not quite as challenging when dueling.

Unlimited Division Designs
A new sub-divison for 2017!



One of the most diverse and interesting aspects of playing Interstate '76 is the wide variety of cars and trucks players design. Add the AVA rule set into the mix, and designing cars becomes more of an artform. No longer can you load up with the best equipment and weapons, so, a certain finess and character develops around each driver's car.

Here you will find examples of AVA designs submitted by veteran and new players alike. If your having trouble designing an effective AVA fighting machine, you've

Have a car that you love? Have it immortalized in the AVA Combat Cars Library. Send me the car's price breakdown and configuration along with a brief write-up and a pic if you prefer. It'll be up here in no time!

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