The Complete list of known bugs!

By Zaphod

'Map not found' - If you attempt to join a game, and you don't have the custom map being used, you get conveniently dropped to your desktop so you can go download it. :s
Exists in both i76 and nitro.

'Wierd Weapon Syndrome' - This bug is caused by having more than 9 total varients *including the stock varients* of any model vehicle. The effects of this bug drove us nuts for a while back in the beginning, because basically what happens is that on your computer, you see weapons your customized vehicle, and your opponents see weapons from one of the stock vehicles. So, you may think you are shooting guns, and your opponent sees missiles. Since original i76 has no way of deleting varients, you have to delete them by hand. In your addon directory, there are files with the extention .vcf . Delete any .vcf files with a number greater than 9. (i.e. valepre10.vcf) If you delete varients in the middle, you must then rename all later varients one number less.
Exists only in original i76.

2017 Update - Exists in Nitro Pack

'Ghost Weapon Syndrome' - This bug is triggered when you run a weapon out of ammo, and then use a regen bunker. The ammo on your computer gets replenished, but not on your opponents computer. This is pretty aggrivating, 'cause it *looks* like you are blowing someone to pieces, but they take no damage. To refresh your ammo on both machines, use ctrl-alt-x, and respawn. I suggest doing so only when you reach a bunker, to keep it within bounds of fair play.
Exists in both i76 and nitro.

'Flame spurt' - Flamethrowers are broken online. Often, they will continuously 'spurt' as if you were tapping the button instead of holding it down. This is probably a prime reason as to why flame weapons are so cheap in the pricelist.
Exists in both i76 and nitro.

2017 Update - This is/was an issue with the game not having a framerate limiter; Limit the game to 24fps and everything works properly

'Mine Lag' - Minedroppers create permanent objects that cause lag, and even crashes. Mines are usually avoided for that reason (and because they aren't all that good to begin with) Note: this was repaired in the Nitro Pack by making them go invisible just like other dropped weapons.
Exists only in original i76.

2017 Update - Mines take over 16 minutes to dissapate; This is a non-issue due to modern bandwidth

'Respawn bug' - Sometimes when the host dies or regens, he starts respawning over andover again. Just quit and rehost the game, nothing you can do. Information on why this happens would be greatly appreciated!
Exists in both i76 and nitro.

'Phantom Sound Bug' -Sometimes a sound gets seemingly stuck in one place, and repeats over and over again. Once again, if it gets on your nerves, rehost the game. More information on this bug is needed.
Exists in both i76 and nitro.

The following bugs exist in the nitro pack only:

'Faulty vcf files' - The most serious nitro bug that the experienced user can do something about. If you use a hex editor and view the .vcf files, you will notice that all the values listed after .gdf files are not '00'. They should be. This is usually the cause of the 'unhandled exception' crashes. Change the values directly after the .gdf so they are all '00' in hexadecimal.

'Sound crashes' - There is a crash that is sound related. If you notice that you often crash just before dying, or firing missiles, or being  hit by multiple missiles, try turning down the number of voices to '4' or so.

'No ramming deaths' - Rams don't kill in Nitro. As far as I know, it's not intentional. Sucks tho, I miss demolition derby.

'Game Server not responding' - Spend too long away from the games list, (like building a car, or setting up weapons exclusions), and you will get game server not responding. Simply go back to the main menu and reselect your game server.

'Inviso Dropper' - The droppers in nitro often spit out too many objects. This means that they not only dissapear faster, but are more lethal. The firedropper can often leave 4 or 5 overlapping objects, causing instant death. Just lay off the button if you can, or be labeled a cheeser. :)

'Chat cut off' -  The chat window in nitro is much smaller than i76. Annoying.

'0 crash' - Sometimes the game crashes, and displays '0' on the screen. Creepy.  It seems to be related to connection speed of the host of the game, and when they leave, the next person in line to host can't hold the connection to the server.