The AVA Enthusiast Section is dedicated to Drivers who are active in the AVA community. If you like our style, check these pages out. They are designed to give AVA drivers places to compete, jive, and interact. Check 'em out...

The AVA Combat and Racing Ladders
Administrator: Lightfoot [FD]

So you've had some experience playing around on the Interstate huh? Thinkin' yo some kinda supastar? Come test your skills against the best combat and racing drivers who have ever played Interstate. Work your way to the top and become the "Master of Funk."

The AVA Chapters Page
Administrator: Lightfoot [FD]

Here you will find a listing of the current teams and gangs that play by the AVA divisional rules. Follow this link to check out the baddest groups that play the game and learn how your group can be an AVA Chapter.

The Technical Support Forum
Administrator: Wayek

If you are having trouble with Windows, DirectX, or computers in general, and you are an I'76 player this is the place to go to find some help.

The Complete list of known bugs in I'76 and Nitro!
Author: Zaphod

I'76 is a great game, but it has it's quirks (and that goes double for it's cousin, the Nitro Pack) Here is a page that attempts to list all the odd things in both programs. Got a bug? Send it to big Z!

The '77 AVA Handbook
Author: Bandit

A comprehensive guide to modern AVA combat. Bandit discusses everything from cars to weapons to who makes the best food in the southwest. Now hosted on the AVA site, check out this fine piece of writing.