What is the AVA?
The AVA is a set of rules used with Activision's games of vehicular combat, Interstate '76, Nitro Pack and Interstate '82.

Why does the AVA exist?
While the unmodified multiplayer options in I'76, Nitro Pack and I'82 are rather interesting, they suffer from flaws in execution. The biggest, of course, is that multiplayer combats inevitably degenerate into drivers using only the most powerful vehicles, with the most powerful weapons. Activision did include a scoring system in the original, and some prices in the sequel, but neither are satisfactory for multiplayer balance.

How does the AVA work?
In order to make up for this shortcoming, and to ensure duels between vehicles of roughly equal capability, the AVA uses two tools: the price list, and, in conjunction, the divisional system. The price list is a list of prices for every single vehicular component in the game: chassis, tires, weapons, suspensions, etc. Whenever one builds a car, a total cost of the car's components must be kept.

Eventually, this gets you a final price for the car. Combats in the AVA revolve around the Divisional System. This system basically puts a cost limit for cars entering a specific Division. For example, in a Division 20 duel, only cars that cost $20,000 or less are legal to use. In a Division 30 duel, only cars that cost $30,000 or less are legal to use, and so on. The Divisions for Interstate '82 are as follows: 20, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and unlimited (no cost limit).

How do I get involved with the AVA?
The AVA is a set of rules and guidelines, not a "gang", "chapter", or "clan". You don't have to join anything, simply follow the rules, and have fun!

Playing an AVA game is simple. First, download and install the AVA Price List Manager utility from the download section. Switch to the AVA pricelist you wish to use. Then run Interstate 82, build a car, and find a game!

How do I find AVA games?
Once you have your car ready, look for games on the internet. AVA drivers typically use the PLAY.INTERSTATE76.COM server. An AVA game should say AVA somewhere in the title, and have a brief description on where to go to find out more about the AVA. With I'82, if you are not running the AVA price modification, you will be booted for having 'invalid assets'. Also, the price limit is enforced by the game, and you will not be allowed in with an overpriced car.

If no AVA games are active, then try hosting one on the games.igateway.net server. Make sure you do the following: first, include "AVA" in the name of the game you are hosting. For I'82 include http://www.interstate76.com/the-ava in the game description, so folks who can't get in can find out more. Be sure to mention that they need the AVA Price List Manager (coming soon!) to get into the game. Lastly, set a price limit, and head for the highway.

Additional AVA Rules
In addition to following the Divisional limits and naming guidelines, AVA drivers are also asked to do the following:

No hacks, of any kind, are allowed in open, regular, or ladder AVA games. Special events may include hacks with the permission of the AVA administration. (Note: this does not mean that the AVA is 'anti-hack' we simply don't want hacks in AVA games to maintain a level playing field. If you wish to hack, simply remove the AVA from your tag while not using AVA rules.)

Respect the "house rules" of the game. If the game is a "race only" game, don't go in and start shooting things up. Respect the host's decisions of how the game is going to be run.

Play nice. We know things can become hot and heavy in play, but please act appropriately and politely.

Advanced AVA Options
In addition to standard Divisional limits, AVA participants who are looking to add more challenge to their events can use any of the advanced options developed over the couse of the game, for use with the AVA. These additions are new for 2004 (2017) and are still pending their final revisions. If you have any questions about the advanced options it is recommended that you not use them.

AVA Chapters
Many AVA drivers have formed "Chapters". These are similar to "Clans" in Quake, and the like. Basically, it's just a bunch of like-minded AVA drivers in a group. See the AVA Chapters Page (coming soon!).

AVA Tournaments and Events
We will be holding regular tournaments These will usually use all existing AVA rules, and may have a few twists thrown in.. keep an eye on the events section of this page for more details. Rules for the ladder, rankings, and how to join the ladder are included on the main AVA page.

Preach the Funk!
The AVA is always in need of new players. If you can spare 15 minutes, host a game called 'Try the AVA!' on the busiest server you can find, and tell folks about us! With our new domain, and the AVA PLM for I'82, getting new players started is easier than ever, but if they never hear about the AVA, we may miss out on some great games!

The AVA is all about the concept of fair, fun, and challenging combats. Please do what you can to spread the word of the AVA. Please follow the AVA rules and guidelines. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email the admins on the main AVA page. Most of all, have fun---and Drive Offensively.

Chase Dahl
AVA Creator

Lead Administrator, AVA